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Safari Park, as you know well, is in two sections – the Road Safari and the Foot Safari. though in our initial opening phase, only the Road Safari will open and so we will be able to give you a safe, fun and much-needed family day out, from the support and safety of your own car.

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Northern Plains

Entry to the cybermagna takes you through astonishing woodland and parkland and a winding track to the ticket lanes. From the entry gate in cybermagna your safari drive takes you through the Northern Plains.

Savannah Grasslands

Through the ticket lanes with your guidebook, map and timetable in hand and it is time to secure you belt and start your safari drive, through the broad and sweeping parkland of the Road Safari.Drive through the home of a herd with their impressive horns, see the remarkable Southern white rhinos feeding, and enjoy the vists of the African savannah – crowded with antelope and buffalo.

Kingdom of the carnivores

Enter through the double security gates into the realm of tigers, wolves, bears and lions!  Please make sure to shut all windows and keep them closed in this part of the safari drive. As you arrive in the Kingdom of Carnivores you enter an eight acre compound, home to Amur Tigers. These stripey felines enjoy a specially modify habitat where they will be seen sleeping on their places, or in the warmer months spending time bathing in their pools, as they are one of the only big cats that likes water.Mostly you will find them relaxing in their favourite locations, or trail the few rabbits that dare to make their home in this paddock.

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Safari Perks

Swimming For Toddlers

Thunder Swing

Nature In Your Hands

Giraffe Junction

 Safari Park is home to one of the largest collections of giraffe in Europe. Drive through their nine acres of open parkland and in the warmer months watch the rare Rothschild’s Giraffe herd feeding and browsing for their favorite leaves. Spot the youngest calves as they enjoy their grassy playground and see the herd appear to run in slow motion, whilst actually reaching top speeds of around 37kph!In colder months you will pass the giraffe in their yard or looking over the doors of the Giraffe House This custom built facility manages the giraffe every possible luxury with a large indoor space, providing the tallest animals at the park the perfect environment to eat, sleep and interact together. 

African Forest

Discover a groups of naughty Barbary macaque monkeys, as they browse for food on the woodland floor; climb and play in the trees and drift free in their home.  The monkeys share their home with East African Mountain Bongo, one of the most important risky mammals on the planet. Worried about taking your car into the ‘jungle’? No need – the monkeys ver often damage cars, and there is a bypass if you don not wish to drive through this section. 

Who else will you meet on safari? Find out who else you might meet on your visit around the Safari Park and read more about the astonishing residents!